Speak Serbian so that whole world can understand you!

Language course “Serbian for foreigners” is designed for people from abroad who live and work in Serbia. The course can be organized for people as well for companies. The main goal of the course is to provide students with an opportunity to use Serbian language actively, as for everyday purposes as for business. The language used for teaching is usually English or if you find it more convenient we can offer teaching in Russian, German or Spanish.

Course Content

Individual Lesson Programme is designed in such a way that the course attendee actively participates in the learning process, adopting and internalizing language structures and vocabulary, which are necessary in order to enhance one’s overall language skills. Whether you are staying in Serbia for the shorter or longer period of time, learning Serbian will help you to experience Serbia in the right way. Serbian language is in the category of middle –hard group of languages to study. Teaching grammar on this course is at the minimum one can need and essential in order to be able to speak. Foreigners usually find hard pronouncing the letters like Č, i Ć, i Š, i Đ, and DŽ at the very same beginning. Serbian language has 10 types of words, 5 of them are changeable and 5 are unchangeable. Some changeable words are changed by cases and some by the tenses and forms. But don’t be discouraged. Our team of  professional and devoted teachers will make every class your pleasure.

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